Periodontics is a specialist area of dentistry that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the gums and supporting tissues of the teeth.
The most frequent signs of this disease are gum inflammation/redness, bleeding when brushing, receding gums, cold hypersensitivity, tooth mobility or separation, longer teeth, bad breath, black spaces between teeth.

Quick detection and treatment by specialists is essential as development leads to destruction of the bone that holds the teeth. This lack of support is usually irreversible as each portion of the bone is destroyed forever and thus, periodontal disease can sometimes lead to very advanced tooth loss. It is very important to treat these symptoms as soon as possible so that you can prevent long term damage and control further development or tooth loss. Therefore it is essential to take advice from specialist Dr. M ª Jose García Jimenez, our specialist in periodontics, if you have detected any of the signs or symptoms mentioned above.

Periodontal Disease, microbial study

In milder, as well as the most advanced cases, there are some groups at risk who should pay special attention to gum health: smoking, hormonal changes (pregnancy, puberty, menstruation or menopause), family history of periodontal disease, sufferers of heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, depressed immunity (low defenses), HIV, herpes and transplant patients are among the high risk groups.

Bacteria is crucial to the development of periodontal diseases, and so CIRO perform microbiological studies in order to be able to act in a localized manner, accurately determining the bacterial strains that cause disease. Thus, we can design customized treatments that will help us more effectively stop the advance of disease.

Gingival smiles (smiles with excessive gum)

The gingival smiles are those in which the patient’s smile shows an excessive proportion of gum compared with exposure of the teeth. In fact, in some cases, the gum covers an excess of the teeth so that they appear smaller and therefore unsightly.

It is important to receive a valuation from a specialist in Periodontics in order to detect the source of the problem. Therefore, it is essential to receive advice from Dr. María José Jiménez García, our Periodontics specialist, if you want to improve your smile and oral health.

Gingival recessions (loss in height gum)

Gingival recessions are basically when there is height loss in the gum that makes teeth appear longer and leaves the tooth´s root exposed, causing the gums of the upper teeth to look higher and the lower teeth to look lower than the adjacent teeth.

This loss may be associated with sensitivity to cold and heat, swelling, and discomfort or pain when brushing and chewing. When patients grind their teeth, brush strongly or have bad habits, teeth do not mesh well, which can lead to gingival recession.

In CIRO Clinic, our treatments are performed using minimally invasive techniques and specialist  materials (acellular dermal regenerative matrices, collagen matrices or gingival grafts) allowing us to restore lost gingiva and prevent the continuation of recession.

The sooner these recessions are detected, the better the results of treatment will be. Therefore, it is essential to take advice from Dr. María José Jiménez García, our Periodontics specialist, if you detect any of these signs.

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