Conscious sedation

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Written by
Dra. Sara Alonso
Expert in sedation and anesthesia

Many times we find patients who have avoided dental treatment or missed dental visits because of fear, phobia or anxiety. However, the fundamental problem is that, the more time that passes, the more damage is occurring and the more treatment will ultimately be required.

The CIRO Clinic specializes in reducing and avoiding the fears and anxiety of patients by offering the possibility of making all the treatments available under conscious sedation in one visit, with the guarantee that the patient will not suffer pain but is still able to cooperate at all times with the dentist. We have our own team of anesthetists to perform these treatments safely and guarantee treatments are performed under the supervision of an anesthesiologist who constantly checks the patients progress and condition.

Sometimes, patients with special requirements need technical conditions that are best done through a hospital admission. The CIRO clinic, in collaboration with other hospitals, conducts scheduled operations through general anesthesia.

Dr. Sara Alonso
Expert in sedation and anesthesia


Dr. Raquel Casas
Expert in sedation and anesthesia


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