Bruxism, TMJ y Occlusion

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– Do you feel headaches, face, neck, ears, shoulders… and not sure why?
– Do you grind your teeth or notice your jaw tightening while you sleep?
– When you open your mouth do you hear noises or popping in the jaw or the ear?
– Do you feel a lot of pain and difficulties to chew or when you wake up in the morning? Do you have a hard time opening your mouth all the way?

If you experience any of these problems it is likely to be due to some functional impairment of the masticatory system. This condition is  common in over 50% of the population. Problems such as TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) can produce significant limitations in masticatory and phonatory functions.

Its origin can be varied but it is clinically proven to be linked to tension, stress and changes in the position of the teeth. One of the most common types of pathology is Bruxism. It is a habit of clenching and grinding the teeth and usually occurs during sleep. It leads to irreversible tooth wear as it is like eating ice whilst sleeping.

However, patients often turn to their dental clinic due to the symptom of acute pain, as the effect on the temporomandibular joint or the muscles of mastication also radiates to the face, ear, head and neck.  More than 50% of the headaches have this etiology.

In Clínica CIRO we are specialists in the treatments for teeth grinding (bruxism) in Madrid. Dr. Vicente Jimenez, an expert in this pathology, has written four books about the relationship between bruxism, occlusal factors and temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

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